Ceramica Faetano

Founded in 1962 in the territory of the Republic of San Marino, for a few years it was little more than an artisan workshop, where the workers applied expertise developed in local artistic production to series processing. This detail is destined to remain one of the distinctive features of Ceramic Faetano’s products, where a particular originality and autonomy with respect to current tastes continue to be identified.Specialized in the manufacture of ceramic tiles for flooring and walls, Ceramica Faetano has consistently applied the most advanced technologies compatible with this use. It was the first company in the world, in fact, to implement the “single-firing” technique to the manufacture of ceramic tiles, adding the higher technical performance and the greater flexibility of modern manufacturing processes to the finer esthetic characteristics of traditional double firing.
With the arrival of the 90’s, Ceramica Faetano began to complement its industrial business with that of the commercial and financial control and coordination of other industry companies, gradually taking on its current position as parent company of the group. Its future development is now decidedly committed
to this latter role.

Ceramica Faetano s.a.
Strada del Marano, 24 – 47896 Faetano – RSM
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