Belonging to an industry that is mature, globalized, and strongly fragmented like the ceramics industry, made up of countless competitors from all over the world contending for market quotas in every corner of the globe, requires paying considerable attention to competitive factors.

Del Conca Group has developed a special sensitivity to factors of productive competitiveness from its very beginning, employing the most advanced technology and applying the most innovative techniques,  sometimes experimental, proposed by research. This same attention and sensitivity is dedicated to other strategic factors through the attentive promotion of the loyalty of our partners, considerable attention focused on company size and the creation of a close knit team that shares the company values and philosophy.

The Group’s philosophy can be expressed in its Mission:

  • Maintain and improve competitiveness through investments both in technology,
    to optimize the production process and offer the best quality/price ratio, and in
    research and design to continue to distinguish itself on the market, pur suing steady
    growth in size to achieve critical mass and realize economies of scale.
  • Continually and actively promote customer loyalty, serving as a reliable support,
    a constant reference point and a consistent source of income.
  • Develop an increasing sensitivity to human factors, making the most of their ethical
    qualities, sense of responsibility and organizational ability, promoting their