Quality and Environment

The Del Conca Group has always been particularly sensitive to respect for the environment, a sensitivity that translates into a constant commitment in multiple directions.

  • Adopt the best available technology (B.A.T.) in production processes to minimize environmental impact.
  • Recycle everything possible in the production process to reduce to a minimum the level of waste that must be disposed of outside of the facilities. Specifically, production water, as well as dusts and solid waste, rather than being entrusted to centers specialized in their treatment, are neutralized and recycled into the manufacturing process.
  • Monitor all possible emissions, ensuring that applicable Italian and European legislation in force is observed.
  • Implement every possible preventative measure to make the work environment healthy and safe, monitoring it continuously and adequately training workers on the subject.

To limit energy consumption and consequently CO2 emissions, the Del Conca Group uses cogeneration units to produce the electrical energy it needs.

From the combustion of methane gas, the cleanest fuel available, specific aeroderivative turbines generate all of the electrical energy necessary for the production cycle. The heat resulting from this process is recovered completely into the production cycle, with obvious overall savings in energy use and substantial environmental advantages.

Ceramica del Conca is one of the few companies to have achieved UNI certification, the official recognition by the national standards body of the same name, which marks products that offer specific guarantees in terms of quality and safety.

The achievement and maintenance of UNI certification presupposes monitoring of the production system, both by applying a rigid protocol of verifications and checks and by being subjected to inspections by official institutions specifically appointed by the responsible certification bodies.